New Growth Capital Group


NGC Group LLC is a northeast Ohio based business focused on acquiring niche industrial manufacturing companies that produce engineered products and generate up to $9 million in annual EBITDA. NGC Group has a preferential attraction for companies where business growth and equity value creation is possible through initiatives such as new/innovative product launches, operational improvements, geographic expansion, and sales channel enhancement.


Core Business Philosophy

·   U.S. Manufacturers are capable of being competitive globally at a world-class level.

·   Strong engineering and product differentiation drives customer value. 

·   Customer intimacy provides unique insight and lays the foundation for broader and deeper partnerships. 

·   Recruitment, development, training and retention of new and existing talent are critical to organizational success. 

·   Employees must have a vested interest in the company’s success. Incentive or profit sharing programs for all are critical elements to a growth oriented business. 

·   Integrity, teamwork and a bias for action are imperatives.